Westcliff Residents' Association

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your suburb, to keep it spectacular, unique and safe.


The City of Johannesburg has asked for comments on the Joburg Spatial Development Framework 2040, which proposes densities of up to 80 units per hectare for Upper Westcliff and 60 units per hectare for Lower Westcliff.

The Westcliff Residents’ Association has submitted an objection on behalf of the suburb.

Any residents who want to raise their own objections are encouraged to do so (refer objection advertisement).

About The Westcliff Residents’ Association

The Westcliff Residents’ Association (WRA) consists of volunteer residents with a common goal of maintaining the ambience of this beautiful suburb. Our intentions are to inform residents of pertinent local issues and to provide a forum for discussion on the direction of the future for the Westcliff community.
Use this site as your first point of contact, to raise an issue or request information or assistance. Help us understand your views on issues concerning the suburb and its residents. Be a part of the social network that can make a difference in your suburb, to keep it spectacular, unique and safe.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Westcliff’s open spaces, established gardens and Heritage homes are a major attraction for any buyer. These characteristics are maintained both by residents and by development guidelines.


Westcliff is known for its beautiful Heritage homes; homes that speak of a gracious era that many people work hard to keep alive for the sake of generations to come.


Westcliff is regarded as one of the safest suburbs within Gauteng, with statistics supported by the SAPS, which has a station in nearby Parkview.


The Westcliff Residents Association aims to:

  • promote, protect and foster the interests of the residents and property owners in Westcliff
  • maintain and protect the special residential character of Westcliff
  • formulate a development plan for Westcliff and register it with the local authority
  • use its best endeavours to ensure that the principles contained in the development plan are adhered to
  • stimulate awareness of the historical, architectural and aesthetic value of Westcliff
  • collect and raise funds for the advancement of the objectives of the Association.

See our Constitution and Mandate here for full details.