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Send your requests or comments to the WRA Administrator, Sagrie Shaw:
082 5697872
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To ensure you are kept up to date on broader community issues, there are two WhatsApp groups you will find helpful:

For Council-related emergencies

Bridget Steer, the DA Councillor for Ward 87 (our ward), has set up a Westcliff Council Issues WhatsApp group for emergencies and general council notifications. You can use this group to list complaints and request escalations. If you are not yet on it, send a message to her on 083 604 0404, with your name and address.

Please note: Before you request escalations, there is a procedure to follow. Bridget has given details here.

For community issues

For community matters, such as reporting lost pets, and sharing supplier recommendations or relevant news, join the Westcliff Chat WhatsApp group. Send your full name and number, with street address, to 083 252 2640 and ask to be added.

WRA Committee Members
  • Robert Hutchinson-Kiep (Chairperson)
  • Adrienne Feldner-Busztin (Joint Plans Committee)
  • Fran De Jager (Johannesburg City Council Liaison)
  • Ingrid Clarke (Communication)
  • Paul Jenkins (Legal Advisor)


  • Sagrie Shaw (Administrator)
  • Steve Bayliss (Town Planner)


Bridget Steer has drawn up a detailed list of frequently asked questions, including how to report incorrect electricity or water meter readings, faulty street lights, potholes, get replacement bins or have trees trimmed.

Find your copy here.